A Guide to Getting Started With NetSuite iPaaS Integration


It’s not very usual for an organization to use NetSuite alone. Typically, as enterprises expand, shift, or pivot, they may have to utilize numerous disparate third-party applications to facilitate certain processes that are not sufficiently or in any way supported by NetSuite. This calls for NetSuite integration. For example, you may need integration to use NetSuite and Google apps to enhance operations. NetSuite and Google drive integration may also be important to your growing business processes.

Here are tips for getting started with your NetSuite iPaaS integration:

Understand the Platform

Make sure you understand the platform extremely well before moving to integrate. NetSuite lets its users modify the platform in several powerful, albeit controlled ways. So, know what you can do with the system, such as how to develop versatile tailor-made business logic inside of the NetSuite. Be confident about levering custom procedures and flows to boost business operations using NetSuite.

Know What You Can and Can’t Do With NetSuite Alone

Prior to taking any further steps toward celigo coding a custom integration or hiring a developer to do it for you, consider all pre-built integration capabilities that NetSuite already offers. The goal will be to pursue third-party integration for functions or processes like business intelligence or marketing automation only to the extent that’s not supported by the Suite applications for pre-built integration that NetSuite has in place by default.

Look for a NetSuite Integration Partner

When you’re integrating NetSuite with third-party apps for long-term use, you need an integration partner by your side every step of the way. Avoid a lone developer who may not be in a position to work with you and make any technical adjustments needed in line with system upgrade, be it internally or externally.

Keep in mind there are changes in coding or API that may render your present integration obsolete. If NetSuite makes any changes to their system, you need to a partner by your side that can help cope with any needed drastic or small adjustments. In other words, the creator of your NetSuite integration tool at http://www.celigo.com/products/netsuite-google-apps/ should a company you can work with over the long term. The company should also be able to offer technical help when the changes in coding or system originate from your within your organization.

Be sure you’re prepared for NetSuite integration prior to making the ultimate move. Understanding how the platform works and working with a long-term integration partner are thus critical.


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